It's amazing what a simple science project can do for a kid.

Nationally recognized photographer Tina Mori looked through the lens of a 4.5 camera in science class and in the 7th grade found her life's passion. Now at it professionally for over 20 years, Tina has honed her skill meticulously.

Tina initially studied under Jack Phegley, photographing her first wedding in 1980. She was a natural. Shortly thereafter she began work under her studio name, Tina's Photography. In 1984 Tina moved her studio to downtown Eureka atop mentor Sam Swanlund's Camera store.


"It is indeed a fortunate person who finds their life's profession while still young, Tina is one of those few. Her enthusiasm for captivating the bride and groom on film is exemplified in the quality of her work. In portraiture the same skills are employed. The reason Tina is successful is she genuinely wishes to service her clients and she loves people. A product of the great Humboldt Bay Area, and the local school system, Tina owes a special thanks to retired school teacher who is still coaching her, Jack Phegley."

-Sam Swanlund


Her keen interest in the nuances of her craft led to her associations with studio lighting experts Stan Pedley and Sy Beattie, whose influence added to the depth and scope of her work. Father Cloney of St. Bernards, Brett Moranda and Patrick O'Dell encouraged and advised her, further contributing to her professional maturity.

In 2001 her studio expanded to accomodate growth. She now provides an elegant, roomy setting, comfortable dressing areas and studios for both group photography and individual portraiture. A reflection of Tina's style, her studio showcases stunning photographs as well as her interest in unique antique furniture and props. As you walk down the hall you are face to face with images of brides, teens, families, mothers and their babies, naked pregnant bellies in black and white and you almost forget where you are going and why you are there. Her ability to capture the instant when a face (or body) become something unexpected, raw and poetic, dominates much of her work. This is a gift. Tina found it early on. This is what people like to see in themselves. This is why she excels.

Both highly professional and intensely creative, Tina's abundance of enthusiasm for her craft is evident and brings with it rewards of excellence.


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